christmas offer
Orders placed before the 31st August 2017 
will have the option to claim the Christmas offer
* offer only applies to three or more name plaques
Place and order for three or more Name Plaques before above date and first payment wont be due till 25th September
Then 2nd payment on the 25th October and then 3rd and final payment to be made on the 25th November
Orders will then be packed and despatched to your home address in plenty of time for Christmas
Orders of three or more are also entitled to discount
All monthly payment amounts will be agreed at point of order
Payments must be made on the date specified in order for the agreement to continue
Name Plaques for Christmas...?
Great idea .
"Spread the cost of pressies"
 High quality Name Plaques designed and handmade for you...by Poppydots in the UK
Each plaque is highly detailed with lots of little extras unique to your little one
Handmade not machine made
Baby Room Plaques
Girls Name Plaques
Boys Name Plaques
Pet Name Plaques
Designed for You ...Unique to you 



 Awesome Gift Idea 

Please look at our Portfolio Images for some ideas...Never duplicated and always one of a kind.